hey! i have a really.. weird question? at least it seems to be weird because nobody’s been able to answer me- i was wondering if there’s a way to stop being self conscious/upset about the number of kintypes i have? i’m kin with quite a number of things, mostly fictionkin.. and kinsidering quite a number more. i’m really self conscious about it so i was wondering if there was advice to not be.. that? thank you for reading and answering if you do!! i hope you have a lovely day!!

Two things–, no, three. First, the best way to get over being self-conscious/upset about “too many” kintypes, is the same way to get over anything that…

Since you’re a kin who’s on the web field, how would you perceive the possibility of a site that serves as a database to search for other alterhumans? With search by category as a main feature. I’ve been simmering on the idea for a while, and I wanna know how out-there it is, since I’m only starting on databank studies.

Its been tried. Its never stuck. Partially because no one with the programming/database knowhow has had a go at it.